Thursday, November 19, 2009

Suggestion Time!

I'm looking for suggestions from YOU! It's always great to get a little feedback every now and then. Right now I'm thinking about the possibilities for my batch of 2010 paper goods.

So my questions are:

-What do you want to see printed on my 2010 items? As you probably know, I love designing anything around the sea or different dog breeds. Is there a sea creature/dog breed that I need to add to my collection? Or maybe something out of my usual realm of design...
-Are there any other kinds of paper goods you want to see? Right now I offer greeting cards, prints, gift tags, notebooks, and calendars. These little items are very practical and have been received very well by my customers. However, I'm always looking for a new challenge!

All advice is welcome! Thanks for visiting the African Grey blog!


  1. I really LOVE your nautical calendar. I would really love it if it were the kind you can hang on a wall and the months were all attached together and a little larger.:)

  2. Great idea! Keep your eyes open for a possible wall version :)