Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Date Night.

When my mom-in-law came up for a visit, the hubs and I decided to seize the opportunity for a real date night. You know, the kind of date when you stay out late and see a movie that starts at 8:45 p.m. Yes, we had big plans!

We decided to start with a quiet dinner at one of our favorite local Asian spots - Keo. I dined on my favorite dish, Pad Thai with chicken. And of course, no Coleman date is complete without a quick stop by Old Navy (grabbed some cardigans on sale), Kirkland's Home Store (had to browse the latest selection of paintings), and Barnes & Noble - well, the Starbuck's inside of Barnes & Noble, that is (Caramel Machiatto, anyone?).

And the date was nicely ended with a movie. The Help. I haven't read the book, but the movie convinced me the book must be pretty incredible. I cried off and on, with other women sniffing around me. There were so many touching scenes, and all of them seemed so real.

But before all of the fun began, we had to pose for a quick picture with little man - in his jammies, of course. This date was so needed (I can't stress that enough), but I'm always happy to return home to my son. He's made my life so complex yet so simple. I know what matters the most, and that's family.

Happy dating!

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