Monday, September 20, 2010

Working Mama.

Being a full-time mommy and a work-from-home mommy is, well, the best of both worlds. It's blissful to watch my son grow each day and never miss a milestone. But it's exhausting to participate in those milestones and keep up with my Etsy business. What's a frazzled mommy to do?

I've learned that baby C's naps are the busiest times of the day. As soon as that tiny head hits the sheet, I'm running all over the place - eventually landing in the worn leathery seat of my computer chair, catching up on orders and creating new designs for my Etsy shop.

My latest tasks? Digital pet portraits! All hand-drawn by yours truly using my trusty pen tablet and glorious Mac. They're perfect for Christmas gifts, and I really enjoy doing them. There's just something so rewarding about capturing a dog or cat's likeness - and then hearing from the client that it "looks just like Fluffy!" Love it.

I recently had the honor of completing some very special projects.

Hannah. A beautiful little fawn Pug that passed away just a few weeks ago. These portraits are truly the most special - and I feel the most crucial for me to capture the glimmer of the pet's eyes.

Custom Wedding Portrait - 2 dogs, 1 cat - for Walter and Jen. This design is for a bride and groom-to-be (obviously). I couldn't help but go with the classic "something blue" theme.

Three Amigos. I did this portrait for another blogger who had the sweetest little trio of small dogs. I especially loved Leroy - the quirky brindle Chihuahua up front!

In the meantime, while Cailean is napping, I'll be here at my Mac, drawing the hours away and listing new items. More portrait updates to come! And if you're interested in a custom portrait, please feel free to e-mail me at whitney.coleman [at]

After all, I love staying busy. The whole sitting still thing just doesn't work for me nowadays...

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