Monday, July 26, 2010

Bookstore Baby.

Since becoming a mommy 5 months ago, I've noticed a few things have disappeared from my life - like regular mealtimes, carefree dinner/movie nights with friends, the ability to take a carefree stroll into Hobby Lobby (sans stroller)...just to name a few.

But on the other hand, such wonderful changes have surfaced. I have a constant companion. A sweet, babbling, pooping little person with a big smile and the cutest little feet. And now that my tiny companion has reached the glorious age of 5 months, we've started to venture a bit.

For instance, the Borders bookstore down the street. Oh, how I've missed that place! We wheeled around browsing book covers and flipping through graphic design hardbacks, marveling at the colors and textures and smells. Baby C was amused by row after row of eye candy - while I was a big kid in a candy store, piling books into the stroller.

I couldn't help myself - I purchased a way-too-pricey copy of Pat the Bunny for my little guy. At 5 months, he couldn't care less about bunny's fur or daddy's face or mommy's ring. But that day will surely come. Oh boy!

So for now, we will continue our little outings - bonding and making memories along the way.

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