Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation Mode.

This year, our getaway to Amelia Island in Florida taught me several things. Like that I love my family. I find happiness in the little things. And that I will never be too old to search for seashells on the beach...

It was a fantastic week of sun, sand, and a few wet diapers along the way.

But as we boarded the plane to make our journey home, I really started to think - our time on this earth is so fleeting - how do you make the most of every experience? Hmm. So I decided to compile a little list, something to ponder when I am embarking on my next big new adventure.

1. Savor the new things. If there's a food you haven't eaten, try it. You might like it. I've often found the more you experience, the more relatable you become. I kept this concept in mind as my hubby and I ordered an interesting fried lobster roll at a fancy restaurant. The verdict? It was fantastic!

2. Don't sleep in. Our friends took a walk on the beach one morning as we snoozed away - and came back to tell us they saw dolphins playing near the beach. While some swear that vacations are made for rest, I think it's also good to use up every little minute you have in a new place. You never know what you'll find.

3. Don't rush through things. Sometimes you get so caught up on getting somewhere, you forget to savor the journey. A huge part of our trip to Florida was taking our son on an airplane for the first time. In fact, thinking back, going through security with a huge stroller and trying to make bottles in the tiny cabin space was a big part of our summer vacation. Fun times.

So there you have it. A small list of things to think about when you're taking your next big adventure. Even if it's just a stroll across town, remember to take the time to enjoy it. Memories are made every day. What will you remember about today?

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  1. Excellent post!! Love it! I had a much need vacation as well and guess what, did the same! Now ready for some new creative!