Sunday, January 24, 2010

Top 'o the Mornin!

You know the $1.00 bin that usually exists in the front of most Target stores? There are tons of great finds hidden in those little nooks and crannies!

Although I went into the store looking for my favorite makeup and a few more stretchy maternity shirts, I spotted this adorable little puppy t-shirt as I was walking in. I know that March 17th is a few months away, but Sugar Babe can always use a new outfit. Just another excuse to dress her up...

And - as usual - she hated it when I put it on. She refused to walk and just sat on the floor shivering like a leaf. After a few torturous minutes (just enough time to snap this photo), I released her from the clothing prison and let her go back to her usual naked self!

Fun times...

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