Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Letter to Cailean.

To my baby boy...

You have been on my mind and in my heart for so long now. Even before you were in my tummy, I was thinking of you and praying for you.

I had faith that one day you would become a part of my life. When your daddy and I took a vacation to St. Lucia this past spring, I bought a small wooden rabbit for you that was carved by a local artist. Although to some it would have just been another souvenir, to me it was a happy little symbol of hope and promise.

And now that little rabbit is sitting on a shelf in your nursery, waiting for your arrival with the rest of us. Only eight more weeks and we will see your precious face for the first time. Even now I cannot imagine the overwhelming emotion I will feel when you are placed in my arms. I'm so excited to watch you grow up - to see you play in the dirt, to teach you to ride a bike, to read to you, to take pictures of you on that first day of Kindergarten.

But until then, your little kicks and punches are growing stronger with every day. As is my love for you.

Your Mommy


  1. This is so sweet! I love the rabbit carving. All the best to you and your son!