Saturday, January 9, 2010

Even Puppies are Babies...

My YorkiPoo Sugar Babe was the first "baby" Taylor and I adopted upon getting married.

After a few long hours surfing the internet for the perfect puppy, I stumbled upon her adorable little face on a local website. And when the breeder brought her out to us, it was love at first sight - even though she was super scruffy and in desperate need of a haircut! The little thing looked like a polar bear. A very cute, pink-skinned polar bear.

Sugar Babe turned three years old this last August. She has been such a precious little companion. We are anxious to see how she will handle the arrival of our son - we're hoping the jealousy won't be too extreme.

So for now, Sugar Babe, enjoy your last few weeks of being our youngest "baby" - it won't be long before you will be a big sister!

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