Monday, December 14, 2009

Welcome to Babyland.

Well, I am so happy to announce that our son's nursery is finally complete! It has been a long work in progress - I was, after all, painting the walls at 11 weeks pregnant. Luckily, my choice of a soft, airy shade of aqua was spot on. Three weeks later, we found out we were having a boy!

Although I am not an interior design expert, I did have a few simple rules I tried to follow. It all began with a simple nursery checklist of must-haves:

- dark wood furniture (crib, changing table, and glider rocker). I wanted a deep contrast between the softness of the walls and the intensity of the accessories. And brown was the perfect solution to our "Lil Buckaroo" theme.

- a big cozy rug (I originally had ordered a cow-print rug that was on backorder for so long, I finally cancelled it). Instead, I opted for a modern style in chocolate brown, which I thought wouldn't compete too much with everything else. And let's face it, white rugs are impossible to keep clean.

- beautiful curtains that matched the bedding (I found a fairly decent deal online for a set that included valances). My grandmother helped me cut up the diaper bag that came with the set, and we created little curtain ties. It was a cheap way to get a great result! When in doubt, reconstruct!

- homemade art by me! I bought some great Boston Terrier prints from Etsy seller Brian Rubenacker, but I wanted to add some additional touches. I created one art print, painted some wooden lettering in a cow print to spell "Cailean" over the changing table, and made a cute frame to put on our floating shelves.

The result? Pure babyland bliss. Or at least I think so. It's currently my favorite room in the house.

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  1. i love the cowprint letters! and what a sweet theme :) i think you did a really good job of making it somewhere you'd feel comfortable and a place he can grow into. beautiful!