Tuesday, February 21, 2012


I recently was bitten by the painting bug, so I rushed into town to purchase some large rectangular canvases.

Our home has a lot of little vertical walls, so these canvases work well for adding touches of color throughout each room. I decided to start with the kitchen. Our backsplash tiles are a soft blue shade (titled "glacier blue"), so I wanted something vibrant and full of blues.

I decided on a peacock.

The finished painting took about a week to complete. I experimented a lot with the background, but ultimately decided on a messy, faded yellow/brown shade. I spiced things up a bit with a few circular mirrors. These were attached to the canvas with hot glue.

And voila! A friendly birdie in the kitchen!


  1. That's a fabulously painted peacock!

    LOVE the mirrors

  2. that's a long history behind the origin of peacock!! nice painting though, keep up with the good work!!