Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Letter Decor. What you'll need:

- yarn
- large resin or cardboard letter (purchased at Hobby Lobby)
- hot glue
- paper flowers
- pearls
- thick ribbon (for hanging)
- Command hook (for hanging)

So easy! Just purchase your letter, glue a piece of your yarn to one end, and start wrapping! It took me a little over an hour to finish mine - just before Cailean woke up from his afternoon nap. Once wrapped, glue some pretty fake flowers onto the side (I like grouping in 3's) and add some little pearls for some sparkle. You can glue the thick ribbon to the back and hang with a Command hook. We just put ours in place of our Christmas wreath :)

So affordable too! Mine cost $18 - I ran off some Hobby Lobby coupons from their website, and hit a great sale.

Happy crafting!

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