Sunday, July 3, 2011

Mirrored Art.

Buying a new house has made me a bit of an interior design nut. When you double your square footage and suddenly have 16-foot ceilings, there's lots of space to fill. And lots of challenges too.

For instance...

The walls in my living room are tall and open.

My t.v. takes up a big space against the largest wall, while a nice painting hovers over our new fireplace.

That left one large, annoying gap between the two. I didn't want another painting (I was thinking it would compete with my fireplace piece) I opted for a mirror. I found this beauty at Kirkland's and I had a great coupon that made the purchase a bit easier on my wallet.

It was a match made in heaven. Mirrored art.

Lesson for the day:
When you have a space to fill, think of ways to add shine and texture if you are wanting a fresh look. Think outside the box. Paintings are great, but look even better if complimented with other fun finds. Happy decorating!

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