Monday, January 17, 2011

Product Review: Infiniti by Conair Curling Wand

If you're looking for some curls with some serious staying power, you've got to try this new product from Conair.

I ordered this dandy little curling wand about a week ago, and was thrilled at its performance. It's a bit different from your usual styling irons because it lacks a clamp. This can make it tricky to master the first few tries, but once you learn the method that works best for you, it's pure magic!

In fact, in these photos I had actually slept on the curls overnight. With a few touch-ups around the face in the a.m., I was ready to go! The curls can be tight or loose depending on how much hair is wrapped around the wand. I actually like curling the top half of a chunk separately from the bottom half to get the most curl. And there are some serious heat settings on this item - up to 400 degrees.

To keep your fingers safe, the wand comes with a 3-finger glove. I personally found this to be more trouble that it was worth because it was too large for my fingers. As long as you're careful wrapping your ends, it's actually quite simple. I'm not a terrific hair fixer, and I haven't burnt myself yet - knock on wood!I paid less than $30 for this product, and I couldn't be happier with my results!

Happy styling!

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