Monday, February 15, 2010

In the Home Stretch.

My doctor finally set up an induction date! If Baby Coleman isn't here by February 25th, we're going in to be induced. I'm finally getting close. It's so surreal to believe that our little one will be here in less than two weeks - ready or not!

So here's one of my latest photos. Don't let the angle deceive you...I'm a bit bigger than you think! I look forward to the days of heartburn, nerve pain, and all-over discomfort coming to an end.

The giving-birth part is my last obstacle!

So if I don't end up rushing to the hospital on the 25th, I will be closing up shop a few days before then. I will miss spending time on Etsy, but a week or two focusing 100% on everything baby is a must!

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  1. Oh! Congrats - countdown is on! My little one ended up coming 3 weeks early - quite a surprise as you can imagine but she is doing fine and we are all adjusting to our new life. Good luck to you and here's to wishes for an easy delivery for you!