Saturday, June 13, 2009

Feeling Like a Princess

Now that summer is finally here, I've been remembering the joys and thrills of childhood. I even found myself watching Disney's Aladdin on the Disney Channel a few nights ago. I can still remember seeing it in theaters as a child and being captivated by the way the magic carpet moved and how beautiful Princess Jasmine was...

My love for Disney's classic animation has never left me. There's just something about seeing a hand-drawn character come to life that makes my pulse skip a beat. The creativity and attention to detail behind the older Disney films is just incredible.

To celebrate my love for Disney's fairytales, I've added a few princess-themed items to my shop. I'm planning on giving these to one of my friends who is currently expecting a little girl.

There's just something special about these items. In a way, they take me back to the things that matter in life. The feeling that, in the end, good prevails and love conquers all.

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